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Our names are Nick and Alana and when we aren't travelling we are young professionals working in little ol' Adelaide, Australia.  We love to travel - but more than that - we love to travel independently. 

We believe that there is no better way to travel with your partner, best friend, or family than by car.  By driving you can explore not only the Paris' and Barcelona's of the world, but discover the authentic and unspoiled gems around these great places.  This is where you'll get to meet welcoming locals, sample wonderful traditional food (at reasonable prices), experience some of the most incredible scenery, find a beautiful hidden beach to relax on and escape from those suffocating crowds - all at your own pace.  

We have created this website to encourage you, especially young couples, to move away from going big city to big city (especially on Contiki like tours) and instead, choose to explore your next dream destination on your own.  Our aim is to prove to you that an international driving holiday is not only the best way to travel but is actually easier than ever before.  

Be a traveller; not a tourist.

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Food for Thought

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