Eating in New York City

After living in mid-town Manhattan for four months I thought it was time I wrote about some of the amazing places I had the chance to eat at - and the ones I had to show Alana when she finally made her over to visit me.

There are over 24,000 eateries in NYC which means that it would take someone almost 22 years eating out for three meals a day to try them all.  Consequently, this is by no means and exhaustive list but a good assortment of some interesting and delicious recommendations.

Eataly Pizzeria

Eataly Pizzeria

1. Eataly

Eataly is one of the most famous famous eateries in NYC.  There are seven restaurants set in a large Italian market, which will have any Italian drooling. The market sells all types of fresh pasta, breads, oils, sauces, fish, cheese, meat and so on. 

The seven restaurants that make up Eataly only serve food that is sold in the store.  The restaurants each specialise in something different; including pasta, pizza, seafood, fine dining and dessert.  All are highly recommended!

You can find Eataly at number 200 Fifth Avenue; in between 23rd and 24th.

2. Pure Thai

Pure Thai Dumplings!!!

Pure Thai Dumplings!!!

We found this one by chance, it is on 9th Avenue between 51st and 52nd, which is around the corner from where I was living.  Pure Thai has a very small shop front and does not have many tables but the food is delicious and authentic; some of the best Thai we have ever had.

Tip: Try the green dumplings; incredible!

3. Hidden Burger Bar

the hidden burger bar's neon sign

the hidden burger bar's neon sign

This Burger Joint remains me of the How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall searches for NYC's best burger joint - the one with the green neon sign.  The neon sign may be slightly different but the burgers are as amazing as I imagined in the show.  

The burger joint is tucked away inside the Le Perke Meridian Hotel which is on 56th Street between 7th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas.  It was very close to the perfect burger!

4. Hudson Burger

Speaking about Burgers, the burger we had at the Hudson Hotel was first class. Located upstairs in the Hudson Hotel there was a good range of burgers, the fit-out would have cost millions and the atmosphere was perfect.

The burger is the classy version of the burger you get at the burger joint in the Le Perke Meridian Hotel.  The Hudson Hotel is located at the corner of 58th and 9th.

5. Becco

Steak at Becco

Steak at Becco

There are so many options in Hell's Kitchen but the standout for me was Becco. The Hell's Kitchen district has restaurant after restaurant and you can find nearly any type of cuisine you like.  Becco servers traditional Italian food; they are famous for their bottomless pasta entree, which is a combination of three different types of Pasta of the Day which is all made with fresh pasta.  

Becco is located on 46th street in between 8th and 9th. 

6. Street Cart - The Halal Guys

Street Carts sound cheap and nasty and the majority are.  However, the four carts run by the Halal Guys, located at the corners of the intersection of 53rd and 6th avenue in mid-town New York, go against this trend.  Their simple menu consists of rice over lamb, chicken or a combination of the two.  Served in an aluminium bowl with white sauce (you must have the white sauce!) it is the perfect cheap, dirty and delicious meal. 

Perfect for late nights or hangovers.

Pastrami Sandwich at Katz Deli

Pastrami Sandwich at Katz Deli

7. Katz Deli

It wouldn't be right to not include Katz in an article about food.  Katz is a traditional Jewish Deli that was made famous during the Second World War for its phrase "send a salami to your boy in the army".  These days Katz serves over 4,500 kilograms of pastrami a week to tourists and its loyal customers! 

Vegetarians have the option of eating a pickle while watching their mates devour pastrami or salami sandwiches or giant hot dogs.  Katz is located in the Lower East Side at 205 E Houston Street.

8. Gotham West Markets

The Gotham West Markets, located on 11th between 43rd and 44th street, is a new food hall which contains some of New Yorks most famous boutique vendors including:

  • Ample Hills Creamery - voted NYC's best ice cream
  • Uma Temakeria - home of NYC's first Sushi burrito
  • Evelyn's Kitchen - the best cookies in NYC
  • Indie Fresh - Health Foods

Well worth a look and a taste!

9. Spice Market

Located in the Meatpacking District (corner of 13th street and 9th avenue), Spice Market is a beautifully set out restaurant which creates upmarket south east asian street food come to life. Great atmosphere and food!