Licenced to Travel is one of Australiaโ€™s leading travel blogs for the energetic, independent and adventurous traveler or traveler couple.  We provided a trusted source of information for short to medium length itineraries and specific destination guides as well as providing our readers with various travelling tips and advice based on our own personal adventures.  

We have previously worked with travel boards, offbeat accommodation and luxury hotels to provide exposure to brands while putting our own spin on things.  We are very open to sponsorship, advertising and consulting work.  

We believe in working with partners who support our travel values:

  • Independent travelling, whether it be as a couple, family, group of friends or individually
  • Fun and adventurous travel
  • Food, whether it be fine dining or unique local cuisine

Contact us to discuss any of the above or below opportunities.

What we offer


We offer full exposure of your product (or any trip we take) on our blog.  This includes written blog posts and articles, photo essays and social media exposure. 

We ensure that articles and posts reach your travel niche or target audience by having sections specifically dedicated to accommodation, restaurant and product reviews as well as destination and itinerary guides. 


Our readers often plan their destinations, itineraries, accommodation and activities after reading Licenced to Travel.

Professional Content

Both Alana and Nick are dedicated to producing quality and professional content for our website and have invested a significant amount of time and money in the website.

All our photography is available to be used freely by any of our partners for future promotion. 


Our target audience includes young professional couples as well as independent travellers.  However, our destination guides are useful to the majority of audiences. 

Licenced to Travel's demographic statistics supports this with over 70% of visitors being aged between 18 and 34 with 62% of visitors being female. 

Our visitors are from all over the world with strong viewership in the United States, Australian, British and Canadian as well as a significant number of visitors from India, Europe and Mexico.

Some Statistics

We are constantly growing organically and our statistics are constantly improving.  The following are some high level statistics from December 2016.

Contact us for further and more in depth statistics.

  • Average Monthly Visitors: 10,000+
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 15,000+
  • Average Monthly Pinterest Views: 50,000+ 
  • Instagram Followers: 14,000+
  • Twitter Followers: 5,000+
  • Klout Score: 58+

Partnership Opportunities

Social Media and Blog Posting Trips

Our love is travel.  This is the reason why we started Licenced to Travel. We love experiencing new places, photographing them and writing about them.

Product Reviews:

Licenced to Travel are happy to review travel related products or services which includes a link back to your website along with professional photography.  All posts will remain on our website.


Please contact us for further information in respect to the pricing, sizing and positioning for advertising space on our website.  We generally accept any advertising which is consistent with our a core travel values. 


We welcome products or services for competitions and giveaways to be marketed through a social media network.  We are also happy to promote other travel related competitions you may be promoting.